This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on November 8, 2018.

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Chat log:

[09:59] mg: Hi kornilov. :)

[10:00] mg: Heard you learned how to feed chickens over the internet with magic internet money.

[10:00] kornilov: Hi developers and Jenn. :)

[10:02] kornilov: Yes, I have learned to make ethereum testnet token - korncoin ;)

[10:02] mg: I was unaware of that! I was talking about the BCH chicken feeder/webcam. :)

[10:04] kornilov: Oh, that is supposed to be a secret project available only for NSA. ;)

[10:04] mg: Haha… I’ll make sure to keep my lips sealed. :X

[10:10] joshj: One minor clarification, ETH uses Infura, not Insight.

[10:19] chris.troutner: 18!? That’s fantastic.

[10:20] Rod: Is there a general timeline/estimate for when 2.3 will be released?

[10:22] kornilov: How many fulltime employed developers OB has?

[10:22] kornilov: very nice!

[10:23] Rod: Have there been any updates for downloading offline messages quicker in the current client?

[10:23] Rod: I have done some prototypes for putting together OB features in the browser and the amount of time it takes

[10:26] chris.troutner: Sorry about that. My connection is sketchy.

[10:26] Rod: I did some testing with doing full IPNS crawl on a shorter interval and did not see any significant increase in resources used. Do you know if there is a specific reason the crawl speed is at the current speed it is

[10:26] Rod: I can follow up on slack later if needed

[10:27] chris.troutner: I just wanted to say congrats on the Hacktoberfest results.

[10:28] Rod: Alright thank you Chris

[10:28] chris.troutner: If OB wants to investigate BCH token integration (Wormhole or SLP), perhaps we could use it as an opportunity to incentivize community developers through swag and bounties, like or Gitcoin.

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