This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on August 30, 2018.

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Chat log:


[10:12] chris.troutner: Very excited about a naming system!

[10:13] chris.troutner: Is this ready to use?

[10:13] chris.troutner: Ok. Might clarify that it’s using the Ethereum test network.

[10:14] chris.troutner: Can you provide a link to the mobile wallet?

[10:17] Sameep:

[10:19] chris.troutner:

[10:20] Yeshe: I think you guys are doing great. Im setting up a web hosting vps business. Wish to help you guys out. But dont know how to

[10:21] Yeshe: Dont like how some of the big boys overcharge ppl

[10:21] chris.troutner:

[10:23] chris.troutner:

[10:26] chris.troutner: I’d love to see someone offer OB store hosting

[10:27] Sameep: I like that idea

[10:29] Yeshe: Yes i will be glad to help out …i will join the slack. Will chat with chris … Thanks guys

[10:29] chris.troutner: My handle on different platforms is usually @chris.troutner or @christroutner

[10:30] Yeshe: Thanks all

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