By Monique Boediono, OpenBazaar UX Designer

E-commerce is an exciting and flexible way to start your own business. With some e-commerce business models you can even earn money from the comfort of your own home. While there are many opportunities to get started, there are also many ways to get lost in the crowd.

OpenBazaar Store on OpenBazaar

With OpenBazaar, the world’s largest decentralized marketplace, you can build your store and listings faster than on any other network. We have some tips that will help your store stand out.

If you have something you’ve been itching to sell on OpenBazaar, here are 5 tips to help make your listings POP on the network! 🎈

Creating a Listing Title on OpenBazaar

1. Write a descriptive title

Your title should give your buyers a clear idea of what you’re selling. When writing a title, try throwing in a few descriptive keywords to give your listing some extra oomph. For example, “hand-crafted pure copper jug with lid” is a lot more interesting and helpful than just “water jug”.

2. Take many, many photos 📸

If a picture is worth a thousand words and you can attach up to 30 photos for every listing, that should save you 30,000 words (and way too many headaches), right? Take advantage of this.

Photos are arguably the most important part of a listing – it’s the closest a buyer can come to seeing your product in person. Take clear, high-quality pictures in plenty of light to really let your product shine.

Simple Listing Image on OpenBazaar

Get rid of background clutter

Don’t detract from the star of the show. Stage your product against a plain background. This removes distractions and allows your product to stand out.

TIP: Can’t find a good plain surface anywhere? Textured surfaces can also work well. Place your product on marble counters and wooden coffee tables. Or, just hang up a bedsheet!

Give us variety

Show us how your product looks with different angles and settings. Snap some closeups to capture unique and intricate details. Showcase your product in action. If you’re selling a t-shirt, take photos of the shirt on a model so your buyers can see how much cooler it looks on a human being.

Don’t forget to include photos of variants too! If you’re selling the same dress in red, white, and black, show us what each of them looks like.

Dress Variations on OpenBazaar

Choose your primary photo

Your primary photo is the first thing a buyer will see when they find your listing. It’s both the thumbnail image and the cover photo on your listing’s main page. You want to make a stellar first impression, so use your most captivating photo as your listing’s primary photo. To do this, click your chosen photo and drag it left to the the first spot in the list of pictures.

Setting Your Primary Listing Photo on OpenBazaar

Ideally, your primary photo should capture your product as a whole. So instead of a close-up detail shot, try to choose a photo that shows your product in full view.

3. Give us the deets ☕

Details are key, so don’t skimp on product descriptions! Start with the basics first: what’s for sale?

  • Handmade red mini tassel earrings
  • Vintage whiskey decanter set with matching glasses
  • New Age Beets headphones: powered purely by organic beet juice

Then, go into more detail.


Colours are deceivingly hard to convey through photos. How a shade looks can vary wildly depending on lighting, or the kind of device you’re using to view it. Give your buyers a more accurate understanding of an item’s colour by using more specific descriptors.

For example, instead of “red”, try:

  • Vermillion
  • Crimson
  • Raspberry
  • Burgundy

TIP: If you’re stuck on words, check out Ingrid Sundberg’s Colour Thesaurus

Color Chart for OpenBazaar Image from Ingrid Sundberg’s Colour Thesaurus


Bust out the tape measure so you can let people know how big or small your item is. If you’re selling clothing, it’s helpful to include a size guide like this:

Example of a Size Guide on OpenBazaar


What’s your product made of? Stainless steel, copper, wood, bamboo… If this lip balm features beeswax collected from your own personal backyard apiary, be sure to let your buyers know!

How to use

Give us some instructions on how to use and care for your product. For example: Where should it be stored? Is it dishwasher safe or hand wash only? Can I toss it in the dryer?

Inspire your buyers. Show them different ways to use your product. If you’re selling a scarf, offer a few examples for how they can wear and style that scarf.

On top of that, you can also give them some ideas for how a product might fit into their lives –

  • This Kindle would be a great gift for your neighborhood bookworm who may or may not have a hoarding problem!
  • Does your cat take massive poops? Our double-duty clothespin doubles as a nostril clamp!

Absolutely irresistible.

4. Break up long blocks of text

Product descriptions or store policies can get lengthy. Don’t make your buyer slog through line after line of text. Instead, format your content to help them find the information they need.

Write short paragraphs

Keep your paragraphs to 3-5 lines max. If you have a lot to communicate, try organizing the content into sections with header titles. It will make the information much less intimidating and easier to digest. For example, in your product description, you can have sections for key features, dimensions, or care instructions.

Use bullet points

Bullet points are your friends! They’re easy to read and convey a lot of information very quickly. Use them when you can. They’re especially helpful when listing product features.

Format your text

A little text formatting can go a long way. Call out important tidbits in bold or italics so they don’t get lost.

Add visuals

Get creative! Break up your text with photos and GIFs. Visuals can add an instant POP to your content, making it dynamic and engaging. For example, check out this listing by Crypto Republic - BCH.

Note: OpenBazaar doesn’t store images that you can include in the description. You need to store them somewhere else on the internet and use their URL to add them.

5. Add tags to get your listing discovered!

Creating Listing Tags on OpenBazaar

Finally, make sure you tag your products so people can find them on the network. You’ve put a lot of blood and sweat into creating this listing, so you deserve to get some eyeballs on it.

When tagging your listing, try to think like a shopper – if you were looking for a product like this, what kind of search terms would you use? Some questions you can ask yourself include:

How would a shopper describe this item?

For example, if I were looking for a pair of green earrings, I might search:

  • Jewelery
  • Earrings
  • Studs
  • Green
  • Emerald

Why would a shopper be looking for this item?

As a shopper, I might not know exactly what I’m looking for. I could be shopping for a gift for my mom. In that case, I might search:

  • Gifts for her
  • Mother’s day

For more information about tagging, check out our blog post here.


Don’t get lost in the ecommerce crowd. Make sure your OpenBazaar listings are optimized with great titles, photos, details, formatting and tags so that shoppers are so delighted to discover them they can’t help but buy.

Once your listings are all set up, make sure to find your store link on the web at so you can share them with your audience on social media! It may take a bit for them to show up there so please be patient.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. This is the second in a series focused on getting the most out of your OpenBazaar store experience. Check back soon for more.

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